Blue Mountains

It is only fitting that the finest coffee in the world is grown on the slopes of the most majestic mountains in the Caribbean. 

bluemountainsJamaica's Blue Mountains reach peaks of about 7400 feet above sea level. They get their name from the greenish blue color of the dense vegetation that covers their slopes. (Some areas get as much as 300 inches of rain per year.) The mountain range covers the eastern third of the island. Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Kingston are all located in the foot hills. There are five major peaks on the main ridge:

John Crow (5,650 feet) 
St. John's Peak (6,332 feet) 
Mossman's Peak (6,703) 
High Peak (6,812 feet) 
Blue Mountain Peak (7,400 feet)

The thin winding roads grudgingly reward the adventurous traveler with spectacular views. Views not duplicated anywhere in the world. There seem to be waterfalls around every corner. The villages along the way are reminiscent of the way that Jamaica must have been many years ago. As you go higher and higher in the mountains, the lush tropical vegetation gives way to coffee farms and the tall majestic pines that blanket the mountainside.

Between 2000 and 3000 feet you enter the Area above which Blue Mountain Coffee is grown. Dozens of Coffee farms may be found on slopes that seem to steep for a human to stand on. Blue Mountain coffee is good in any environment. It is a special treat while enjoying the views of the valleys and rivers far below where it is grown.There are very few inhabitants at the higher elevations. If you want to visit the highest peaks, you have to hike. There are several guided expeditions available if you are up for the climb.

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