Negril, Westmoreland

negrilNegril is located on the western tip of Jamaica and although we have the finest sunsets in the world, we are most proud of our famous seven mile beach. The sand is as white as it can be and the ocean boasts shades of blue you would have to see to believe.

There is no place in Jamaica or the Caribbean where there is more of a variety of water sports available than in Negril. If it can be done in the ocean, it can be done in Negril.

In addition to that spectacular beach, Negril also has seven miles of rugged Coral Cliffs you won't want to miss. Riddled with ocean front caves and plenty of opportunity for cliff jumping and snorkeling, the "cliffs" are popular with anyone who loves an incredible view or water sports.

Negril was made famous by hippies and flower children in the early 70's. Perhaps this is part of the reason for the truly laid-back lifestyle that still exists in negrilcliffNegril today. Over the years Accommodations have improved, there is much more to see and do, but the charm remains the same.

The hippies and flower children are still coming, though they are business people, doctors and lawyers now. They don't seem to be disappointed. Negril boasts one of the highest levels of repeat tourism in the Caribbean.

Perhaps that is because nothing can be built that is higher than the tallest palm tree. Perhaps it is because they just know paradise when they experience it.

If you are coming to Jamaica for the sand, the sun and the sea... come to Negril! 

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