South Coast, Clarendon, Manchester & St. Elizabeth

bambooavePerhaps Jamaica's best kept secret is the south coast. For the most part the south coast of Jamaica is still undeveloped, giving travelers to the area a glimpse into the way Jamaica used to be. With the recent rise in popularity of eco-tourism, and the construction of Guest Houses along the coast, the south coast has finally come into its own.

The road between Negril and Kingston is a beautiful one. The ocean and mountain views are superb. The prettiest part of that journey is between Negril and Mandeville, high in the hills in the center of the country. It is above this stretch of road on one of those hills with a spectacular view that you will find Shafston Estate!



There are some great places to explore in the area including:

Black River Take a boat tour up Jamaica's largest river. You will see several friendly native crocodiles and some of prettiest natural scenery Jamaica has to offer.

  • Appleton Rum Factory Deep in the sugar cane fields of central Jamaica you can find out all about the process of making rum. The factory offers a vary interesting tour that compares the way rum used to be produced to the way it is produced today.
  • YS falls located at YS Estate on YS River is said by many to be the prettiest place in Jamaica. The falls are actually a series of 8 falls beginning with the spectacular 130 foot waterfall at the top and descending into several spectacular pools. Visitors delight in swimming in the pools and swinging from the vines into the pools.
  • Bamboo Avenue More than seven miles of Bamboo line both sides of the road just past YS Falls. The Bamboo was planted by a Black River Women's Gardening club more than 100 years ago.

Black River was once home of one of the busiest seaports in Jamaica. Black River was famous because of the abundance of logwood in the area, which was used to make the purple dye treasured by royalty the treasurebeachworld over.

In its prime Black River was also the major shipping point of cattle hide, rum and pimiento from Jamaica to Europe. Black River was the first town in Jamaica to have electricity more than 100 years ago.

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