Spanish Town, St. Catherine

spanishtownLocated in the center of the Island, about 2000 feet above sea level you will find the town of Mandeville. Mandeville is considered the heart of Jamaica for more reason than one. Unspoiled by its financial success in the aluminum industry, time spent with the people of Mandeville is likely to be a highlight of your trip to Jamaica.

Mandeville is a popular destination for Jamaicans returning from abroad to find the perfect place for retirement. They may have found it! An average daily high of 70 - 75 degrees and average night time temperatures of 65 -70 certainly give Mandeville an ideal climate.

The mountains that provide the perfect weather also make for some truly spectacular scenery. To the west of Mandeville on the road to Negril, you will descend to the valley via Spur Tree Hill. There are probably no views on the island more awe inspiring than the views from the stop off points on this beautiful mountain.

Once in the valley below you can visit Bamboo Avenue, YS Falls, The Appleton Rum Estate and numerous small villages that will welcome a stranger as one of their own.

Heading the other direction from Mandeville, you will first come across dozens of fruit vendors scattered over miles and miles of winding mountain roads. Be sure to stop and sample some of these mountain treats, some are only found in Jamaica.

Once out of the mountains, visit Milk River Baths. The baths have long been considered to have healing powers and are still popular with people the world over. You will probably want to stop by Treasure Beach. spanishtown2Treasure Beach is just now becoming popular with tourist even though it has been a favorite spot of Jamaicans for decades. Though it is a bit out of the way, Lovers Leap is well worth the trip if you enjoy a little adventure and spectacular views

Also on the square are a colonnade (paint peeling off) and statue commemorating Rodney’s victory at the Battle of the Saints; the House of Assembly and the Court House. There is a museum with interesting relics of Jamaican history and accurate portrayal of life of the country people. The park in the centre is overgrown with weeds and the gates are padlocked. Outside town, on the road to Kingston is the White Marl Arawak Museum. 

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